Crowie Projects

Corporate Governance Processes

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  • The board requires the Company to practice governance standards that are in line with prevailing best practice.
  • Board meetings are held quarterly where the financial performance and position of the company is reviewed.
  • Exco meetings are held each month where the monthly management accounts are presented with detailed comparisons (to budget, prior years) and variance analysis.
  • Weekly cash flow meetings are held, where the cash flow usage and requirements of the business are discussed amongst the management team.
  • Monthly cost report meetings are held where the status and progress of each project is discussed.
  • Minutes are maintained of the Board meetings and Exco meetings.
  • The Board consists of 6 directors of which 4 are executive, 1 non executive and 1 independent non executive.
  • An Audit Committee is in existence for the Crowie Holdings group of companies and is chaired by a non executive director. It meets at least 2 times per year.
  • A Remuneration committee considers the salary, bonuses and benefits of staff.
  • A Risk Committee monitors compliance with the Group Risk Management Policies and Framework.
  • All directors are members of the Institute of Directors and are required to attend the various governance workshops presented by the Institute.